Redesigning ASDA's help website completely gave us fresh opportunity to scope, research, design and develop a website that meets our customers needs to the same standards as the company’s wider web presence, as well as successfully compete with other large businesses and their self-service portals.

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  • Build a responsive website that fully accommodates the mobile audience seamlessly
  • Apply a modern aesthetic that is clean and minimal, bringing our help pages in line with successful examples such as ASOS, Waitrose and Royal mail
  • Apply an effective and simplistic customer journey from A – Z
  • Incorporate a visual hierarchy within our content and placing emphasis on less text and more visual based information – usage of videos, pictures and process automation is available
  • Giving customers fewer options takes away the confusion that comes with the decision making process at the early stage of their user journey. This will lead to customers reaching their answers quicker and more efficiently increasing customer satisfaction


From evaluating our current design to assessing the competition and performing customer research analysis, it was evident that in order to create an efficient and intuitive user journey we would need to incorporate a clean and consistent modular design. This approach firstly would allow us to organise content and secondly to easily showcase whatever we like within the modular structure.


Some of our most critical decisions were made during the design / prototyping stages. This phase allowed me to develop visual designs into interactive and responsive prototypes you could click through. Here the customer journey was heavily focused on and adjusted for an easier experience and to filter the knowledge base as effectively as possible for the end user.


In the end we reached our objective, the revamped help pages now offer an extremely efficient and intuitive experience within a clean & optimised user journey, allowing customers to reach their answers quicker.

Haroon Jamshed.
Web Designer & Developer

Designing, building and delivering digital experiences.

Asda Help Pages

Redesign & build of the Asda Stores help pages.

George Help Pages

Redesign & build of the George clothing help pages.

Short Film

Website build and digital marketing material produced for a short films festival run.


Design and implementation of an updated website design and online marketing material.